QMUL IEEESB trip to Hastings

This past Saturday (Sept. 17th) the IEEE Queen Mary student branch day-trip took place. Our destination this year was the historic and charming coastal town of Hastings. Known for the Battle of Hastings and the ruins of the Hastings castle built on 1066, Hastings is a fishing town that has a lot to offer to any visitor. 

Our trip began at Hastings station making our way to the West Hill Lift that would lead us closer to Hastings Castle. Our timing seemed to be perfect since immediately after arriving at Hastings castle we were lead to a small screening building where the history of the town and castle were presented to us via a brief, 10-minute documentary. After the video was over we were able to enjoy the magnificent views from atop the castle hill and explore the ruins and dungeon of the once bustling castle.

Next destination was the beach and pier on the south-most part of the town. Even though Hastings welcomed us with light rain, by the time we reached the beach the weather had settled down and was ideal for a relaxed stroll accompanied by the rhythmic sound of the rolling waves.

Our final stop was the Old Town. Filled with antiques, curiosities and second-hand items, the Old Town can help but awe any visitor. As we walked by we were all lost in admiration of the scenery. No one was able to resist the display windows of antique shops and cute bakeries. As a result, most of us left Hastings with beautiful new finds and even more beautiful memories that we will cherish forever.