IEEE QMUL WIE Recap 2015/2016

IEEE QMUL – WIE (Women In Engineering)

“Women in engineering” is not just any ordinary society but a society that is all about experience, exploring new things at the same time having fun with what we do. We don’t just focus on women but welcome everyone to the club, people with amazing out of this world ideas to the table where we will be turning those ideas into big things as part of the society.


2015 – Hallow-i-e-n party

A costume party where students were welcomed to come and enjoy the crazy fun night! Getting to know other students from other degree courses, making new friends as well as taking a little break from studying was the motto of this event.



We kicked off 2016 with a JAVA programming/app development course in collaboration with women in science and engineering society (WISE). People were given the chance to gain some programming experience with hands-on 5 weeks workshop which led them to develop a simple app at the end of the course.

We took a few pics here

Stay tuned for much, much more