Yading Song

Yading Song
Yading Song



Yading is a full-time Ph.D student in Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London. Currently, his research interests include music and speech processing, music information retrieval, music recommendation system, language identification and music perception etc.

Before he joined Centre for Digital Music, he has obtained his double BSc in Telecommunication Engineering with Management and a minor degree in E-commerce Engineering with Law at Queen Mary, University of London and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

In 2009-2010, he was working on human behaviour dynamics over the social network at Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System Laboratory in China. In 2011, he was the research student in Speech Technology Group in Madrid on a 6-month NIST project on Language Identification.

He is also active in volunteer works in Beijing, Madrid and London. Apart from the academic life, he is also interested in photography, sport etc.

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